“Come Home To Me… has such power and emotion, it's right up there with a track you'd find on a Tom Waits or Nick Cave record.” –SF Chronicle


The Famous in 2014

Happy New Year! First off, we apologize for the lack of updates in the last few months… Unless you’ve been following our Facebook or Twitter feeds, you might have missed…

Birthplace of Rock and Roll

There’s that old joke about the pedestrian in New York asking the violinist on the street, ‘How do you get to Carnegie Hall?’ with the immediate reply being… ‘Practice!’ We…

The Uptown on August 16th

Friday, August 16th at The Uptown in Oakland, The Famous will join The Rogers and Juanita & The Rabbit for what will be our first show ever at the downtown…

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RT @RealAliceCooper I always knew I was on to something and this just confirms it for me. #rockstar #fortunecookie @CerealKyler pic.twitter.com/JbG80GGnhe

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